Pope knocked free markets? Maybe needs a refresher course in Marxism..

The founders provided several practical and viable solutions to this tendency of ‘free capitalism’ to evolve into a stratified, exclusive economy.
 First are the problems of banking. The American founders gave to  Congress the sole power to coin money and regulate its value. That way, the peoples representatives would have control of the peoples economy. What many of todays ‘socialists’ fail to appreciate is the elegant ‘power to the people’ the Founders created. By controlling money, the peoples representatives have control over nearly all commerce..  Money, being the literal ‘blood’ of any nation, was rightfully  placed among the most crucial of powers.
Today and since 1913, the US Congress has outsourced the USA’s money supply to the private and secretive Federal Reserve. This was a complete abrogation of it’s duties to the nation and is a failure to uphold and defend the Constitution… All done in the name of getting reelected.. as now this powerful private bank is at heart, a vote buying machine. The Feds stock holders, (yes it has stock) are Goldman Sachs for one, and through interlocking directorates nearly all media is controlled by this top echelon of Fed connected owners..   This is not Free Capitalism.   It is a Banking Monopoly running the country.
The Pope probably doesn’t know this.
Secondly, the questions and solutions of Marxism. Karl Marx created his manifesto to counter what he saw as Corporate powers and the elite of the world from creating virtual slaves of the workers. While growing up in Trier Germany, a 3300 year old city, young Marx saw his fathers livelihood as a lawyer crushed by the national powers in Europe which at the time, disallowed those of his faith to practice law.
From this one event Karl created a work that would strike at the heart of class society, that he was excluded from. He introduced into his manifesto, a requirement for a Central Bank. (Fed Reserve-BOE-central banks) Central Banks had been around since the 1690’s and now Karl would include a central bank in his new theory of saving the workers from ‘exploitation’.
Karl’s new theory was gleefully adopted by NYC bankers and he was a hero of the early left in NY USA. Karl wrote hundreds of articles for the NYTimes during the 1860’s and beyond.  His theories appealed to the high in society-the banking class, and the low, the miners, railroad builders, all hard working people who had no where else to go.  Karl’s theory’s did not however help the middle class.
The middle class gained limited advantage from marxism and it’s claims of raising up the worker class to owner of production. The point is, as we have seen today in the US, the lower classes are quick to join into a marxist led political movement because they are programed to

 the upper classes. The upper, banking classes and all their stock owned media, academia and popular culture outlets also join into marx inspired political movements because , that is where the money is… The central bank is key tot this equation… Today the USA is running on 40% borrowed money. Without this created money, the US Government would likely have riots in the streets. The Gov is being propped up by you know who… The Fed Reserve is ‘loaning’ as it were 40% Government operating costs… In exchange for a promise the gov will collect interest on these ongoing loans..
So… todays societies do not have a free market nor free market capitalism.
The pope may need to reconsider attacking capitalism, and instead look at the banking classes that have taken over nations lifeblood as their own.

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