Why I Wrote 200 Years of Central Banks

Why I wrote 200 Years of Central Banks by Thomas M. Cole JD

I’m mostly a businessman,, and that is partially why I wrote the book.. The other reason is I’m a hair-on-fire Patriot from a long line of Patriots.

See my great great grandfather was Senator George Walton of Georgia. He was the Governor of and Senator to Georgia and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It really burns me up to see these filthy communists taking over our nation, our schools, our banking system, all in the name Marx while making secrete profits for themselves. (Fed Reserve owner banks-Chase Morgan..ect) This nation was the greatest hope for mankind. We saved Europe twice and spread freedom across the globe. Now our Christian heritage and Constitutional rights are being dismantled by the leftists, whose basic founding father is putrid Carl Marx. I mean to add my voice and theories to destroying Marxists, leftist, socialists and turning control of our government money system back over to  Congress where it belongs.

So… having been a business owner since 1978 I have seen the depressions of 1980, 1991, 2000 and now 2007. This last one never ended. It’s a permanent depression.. I kept wondering if there was some reason for these stupid recessions each ten years or so..

I bought my first house in 1979 with money I’d made playing the silver market. I bought nearly 700 oz of silver at $4/once and sold out with great timing/luck at $28… Since then I’ve bought three more houses and one apartment building over the last 30 years… Each time I watched the cycle.. The Fed floods the markets with cheap money… which drives prices of everything, including real estate way up.. Realtors, Bankers and speculators all profit from the frenzy…

But mostly the banks profit from making higher loan amounts and churning the loans, reselling,,creating derivatives , selling real-estate backed stocks on WallStreet (RBS), kickbacks from loan proceeds… and then when the whole thing rides off a cliff.. the poor bankers get bailed out from FDIC with no consequences… the Taxpayer covers all costs while the bankers get ready for the next round of fleecing…

I saw the pattern. Id read about the Fed some… and knew some history in general..

I saw first hand that each recession wipes out working people buying houses, wiping out businesses and peoples savings… What was going on. Cant we just have a stable economy?

The answer was no we can’t.

Because the Fed Reserve was at the heart of each recession. The Fed owner banks have control of the economy and know when the markets would be forced to fall.… Turns out the law says the Fed is in charge of overseeing GSE’s, Fannie and Freedie. Responsible for controlling the money supply specifically to prevent bubbles. Yet they keep happening anyway… and always the people loose and the Fed banks win.. so…. The Fed is purposely inflating bubbles to roil the markets for profit…

People claim the Fed makes only a little money,, and turns it over to Treasury each year.. But the real money is made with unlimited cheap dollars and free legal protection and favorable laws for all it’s member banks…
, no fines, no trials, no oversite,

The Fed is the key…
And Actually it is the congress that is a puppet of the Fed Reserve and its owner banks Chase, BofA, Wells JPMorgan… those are who own the media , fund and control so many leftist causes, fund and control so called Global Warming Research…fund and control health care now- with the Fed Created IRS running the collection and enforcement of Obama care,, it’s all from the Marxist mold….

So I wanted to attack these issues in a way that would contain more substance than previous books on this topic.. And as I researched it became clear a religious component was in play. Simply stated the USA was Founded on Christian principals by Christians who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence… all Christian all the time yet allowing for other religions.. this created the greatest nation ever on the planet.. and as much as we are hated, everybody wants to be here no?

Now besides Christianity, the other important religion in America is Judaism. This ancient religion oddly has produced an opposing document to our Constitution. The Communist Manefesto… which mandates the loss of freedoms granted by the Constitution… an anti constitution, an anti founder… Marx is the founder of todays modern leftist movements..The central bankers are using and fomenting Marxism because it helps them rape the USA.

And now a third religion is vying for Americas wealth and bounty… Islam sees the inroads made by the Hebrews in the US and now wants a piece of this action… Sharia banks, special sharia schools and sharia cities…

So everything at heart, is coming down to a religious contest and war…   As the Left removes and suppresses Christians and their theology, including the Constitution, they are able to advance unequal treatment of classes, forced Government education, a private central bank monopoly and all the other tenents of Marxism…

And why would they do this?  Because- Marxism has at it’s heart requires a Central Bank…  and guess who runs it for profit? Not the Congress, not the people; but private bankers, spreading their fake printed dollars around to buy and control media, culture, academia, unions, voting, elections, the works. The Fed owner banks own the congress, the newspapers, the media…  Just read through my book and you’ll see all the connections, over time that proves this is so.

The NYFed Reserve central bank is at the core of Americas communist takeover.… behind the scenes, running congress, the media, profiting from unequal taxes, running the IRS, profiting from deficit spending by selling bonds, profiting from mideast wars to buy foreign oil, from suppressing oil drilling at home through legislative fiat and propaganda,, anti fraking…. Lois Lerner at IRS is a perfect tip of the iceburg example… using a Fed Reserve created and controlled agency to attack patriot and Christian groups. Do we need a clearer example??

It’s all tied together in 200 Years of Central Banks- The Money Power…

Thomas M. Cole JD


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