Jan 24 2009


Before analyzing two recent articles in the News Press on how and why we all can get free healthcare, let’s look at five big facts that make socialized medicine unlikely to ever function in the United States as we know it. The following are facts, not feelings, wishes or opinions.

  1. 1) Nothing’s free; taxing one group (businesses and their owners) to pay for others health expenses destroys free enterprise, capital, initiative and self-reliance.
  1. 2) Currently, U.S. unfunded liabilities for social security and Medicare are at $100 trillion. Our Yearly GDP is only $14 Trillion, and government taxes use up $6 trillion of that which is about 40%. (OMB figures.)
  1. 3) Lawyers and Government triple the costs of anything and everything.

For example; malpractice insurance for a doctor is $100K a year. Income taxes on a doctor’s income of $200K are fifty percent, so a doctor must make $300K to take home $100K.

So a thousand dollars of healing now costs three thousand dollars. Thus the cost of medical care is tripled, with lawyers and the Government taking two thirds.

  1. 4) Government takes by force, 40% of GNP from our U.S. economy. It used to   take 16% in 1950 and got along fine. In 1790 it struggled along with 2% and some how the country survived. And people out there still want more taxes?
  1. 5) Our borders are wide open, allowing millions of illegals to flood our country.  This inflow of illegal poor people, use up every penny of free social services, including schools, prisons, courts, police, Medicare, food stamps, you name it, as if it were a bundle of rights guaranteed to them.   All these ‘free’ services, were supposed to be the safety net for actual citizens, not for anchor babies and their endless extended families.

All that being said, we move forward to Mr. Smith, an Insurance industry expert with a PHD, running his own insurance company, a hard-nosed, no non-sense businessman, and an avid Obama supporter, apparently.

In his recent article in The News Press dated January 18, 2009, Mr. Smith puts fourth the idea that people need to pay $65 billion more in taxes to ‘fix’ the health care system. He suggests that,

“ Guaranteed issue-coupled with a mandate for coverage- makes great sense. When everyone is in the ‘insurance pool,’ the real costs are shared by everyone.”  That means people with money are forced to buy insurance policies, and insurance companies are forced to issue policies to everyone else, regardless of their health/risk.

According to Mr. Smith this is the ‘Obama plan’ and will be paid for by raising income taxes on us living, and raising estate taxes on the dead, (death tax).

Here Mr. Smith, PHD, assumes that the government can manage a health care program, or anything, (see facts 1-5) maybe like the government managed social security and Medicare, now in the red for $100 trillion, (not billion) dollars.

In analogy, it’s like forcing Fanny May to guarantee mortgages to poor risk homebuyers, and we know where that led to; a monumental financial disaster.

This is all socialist madness. What next, forced abortions?  Yet our insurance expert claims this Obama Plan to be, “ a middle of the road approach, a little free market and a little government-provided or subsidized health care.”  If we look at facts 1-5 can we really believe such rhetoric? I’m not ready for the re-education camp just yet.

Now onto the more desperate consumer side of things, we have Mr. Jones, a highly educated, self-made millionaire/ business man concerned that his catastrophic health care plan for his family of four, is too expensive at $12,000 a year. That is a lot of cash.

Mr. Jones had questions for Governor Schwarzenegger, who had recently corresponded with Mr. Jones regarding the high cost of health care.

Mr. Jones asks the Governor, “What’s the difference between government run Medicare and a government run free health care program?”  Apparently signaling that both should work out fine. (See facts 1-5.  Medicare is currently in the hole for $100 trillion.) Slight problem with such an argument. The government/ congress can’t be trusted to run any thing. Maybe that’s an opinion but really, a hundred trillion in the red on Medicare and social security? Not a good track record.

But Mr. Jones continues and asks, ”How can a market based health care system, that has never worked, and can’t work, ever work? ” The question assumes there is no functioning free market health care today.

But in fact there is ‘free market’ health care available to anyone who can afford it. It just costs a lot because of facts 1-5.  But simply forcing people of means and businesses to pay more taxes, and expecting the result to be a free health care system from the government, is not rational.

Yet Mr. Jones still wants to know why the Governor replied,

” Socialized Medicine is not the solution to our states health care problems.”

Alleluia Arnold Schwzenegger! Now there’s a multi billion dollar grossing, movie star, businessman, with an MBA, who understands facts 1-5. The Governor is not interested in socialist medicine, and for good reason. It’s socialism, it fails and it’s wrong for America because ‘America’ is based on free enterprise, or was.

The real solutions to lowering health care costs are contained in three simple phrases; Tort Reform, Tax Reform and Border/Citizenship Reform. No surprise these items are not at the top of the new administrations  to-do list. But they are essential to lowering health care costs. (Read 1-5 above please)

The current administration may want to keep private health care as high as possible, thereby causing people to ‘Need the government to fix things’ in the health care arena. This is just a back door entrance to socialism and ultimately communism.

Why would any President or political party want such an outcome you may ask? The answer is power. They want power. Power to redistribute the confiscated tax wealth of this great nation, and dole it out for votes.

So best off join a gym, get a dog, eat less and give up expecting the government to solve everyone’s health care problems, because it’s not going to happen.

In closing however, it is interesting to note that excellent world-class health care, including major surgery, is currently available in India for one-tenth the cost of U.S. care.  Talk about out-sourcing. People fly to India from around the globe for operations done cheap and well. And why so cheap you ask? The answer is that India does not subject itself to our problems 1-5.  It is a wise, old country, not a youg, brash, fad driven country like ours. We still may learn though over time, that nothing’s free.

Santa Barbara Blows $1B on Pensions

Dec 15 2016

Noticing Santa Barbara County now owes a billion dollars in pension payments.   That’s a lot of debt for people who are not working. Further we hear that because the stock market return has dropped bellow 7%, the county it going to need $400 million extra per year, every year soon to keep the payments going to retirees. A billion is like the county taking 1,000 four bedroom houses from Montecito, or maybe like taking 2,500 houses from the east and west sides, selling them and handing the proceeds over to non working retirees. One way or another the County will get this money out of taxpayers.

So a good solution is to put this obligation back in the hands of those who have the most concern with getting their pension payments. The County should divide up these invested pension monies and return them to the individual pensioners in a one time payment. Each pensioner can then control what happens to their retirement money. Clearly 1,800 retired County employees will find better interest rates than County’s risk averse fund handelers. The silent hand of the market will make better, more nimble financial decisions than a lumbering government any time. County pensioners will take a hit maybe… but this solution will put pensioners back in control, relieve County from being a giant stock advisor/bank and absolve  taxpayers from paying for County financial bungling.

Mexicans Taught To Beat Trump Piñata

Sept 10 2016

So there’s a Piñata of Donald Trump, GOP nominee for USA President. The Donald is under strict SS protection but his efigy is still getting whacked by American Latinos and the media who don’t like him. The image and giant hair is funny, but are there racial undercurrents in that piñata stick?

Sure some don’t like Trump, he wants to send illegals home and stop the 80% of heroin and meth that enters the US from the southern border.  64% of Americans who feel the same about the wall. Do the whackers in turn hate those people too?

So how about Obama pinatas… Say in 2012 there was a rash of Obama piñatas, that people of a certain race would buy, string up and beat to death with sticks? No doubt pure racism would be the charge from all sides of civil society. A crass and vile activity they would claim, especially for young children… And they would be totally correct. It would be awful for a host of American reasons.

But the double standard is in full display here. Aren’t we saying…Oh those ethnic-ee Latinos… ha ha.. it’s just part of their culture… . It’s nothing to worry about… Just beating  effigy candidates hanging from a rope… The fact that we may dismiss these actions brings up it’s own racism of low expectations.

This whackism is not part of our American culture. You really have to go back to the 1960’s to find this kind of racism.  Today most Americans do not kill in effigy their political opponents, nor direct the children to do this thing.  So… are some Latino people getting a free pass because they’re new to America?

More likely the pass is given because media is in pure leftist propaganda mode, and won’t say a word on this racism.  Media will probably encourage this piñata beating  because it means votes. The media is all about cultures expressing themselves, as long as they’re attacking the native culture. That is curious.

If a culture doesn’t know or care that efigy beating appears crass and third world, should we tell them?  Tell them the beatings send a message of violence and hate to young little nines, who are encouraged to beat a future president to death. Wow.

This nonchalant violence is one facet of this illegal invasion of America that Trumps fans worry about.  People foreign to our culture, angry at our country, arrogant in their actions, spreading hate to their offspring and voting for more illegal immigrants. Maybe that’s why it’s front page news…

Why Can’t Indians Have Everything They Want…

April 1 2016

Really the blame for this Indian expansion into Camp 4, 1400 new acres in Santa Ynez Valley is partially on the county and intrenched attitudes of no growth. If Fess Parker had been allowed to adequately develop his land to create value, jobs and wealth, he wouldn’t of sold it to the Tribe. Or if another landowner had bought Fess’ land and just sat on it, wasting time and trying up investment money for perhaps ever waiting for permits…well that didn’t happen either. The Tribe on the other hand knew they could buy Camp 4 at a low price  because it was land that only the they could develop. Good strategy.

Thing is the Tribe can’t be stopped because they send some $100million/year in gambling taxes to Sacramento, and the Feds are completely onboard with the notion of reparations, especially from wealthy ranching communities.

What the county can control is access to the Casino. Obviously water is piped into the Tribes casino, waste and trash is sent out across county land and processed in county facilities. It’s simple enough for county to charge 7X the normal rates on every utility provided the Tribe, as a burden on county resources. Electricity, water and gas is shipped in across hundreds of miles of lines and pipes, none of which are on Tribal lands. The Tribe is completely supported and at the mercy of receiving these utilities and services. A good neighbor policy would help the Tribe avoid this situation.

But for the rest of us non tribe members, we can’t buy land and place it into casino/hotel/nightclub operation, with no permitting process and no property taxes. The Tribe has a sweet deal, noting their newly retired chief receives $50,000 a month just for breathing.

Now it’s time for Santa Ynez to face reality and fight fire with fire. This would involve the following.

1) Buy up all land around the present casino and all properties surrounding Camp 4. Change the zoning on these lots to allow nearly unlimited development.

2) Surround the Casino on all side with new high-rise hotels, office, high tech hub, restaurants and parking lots.

3) Surround the Camp 4 property on all sides with hotels, waterparks, a motocross track, a dragster strip and maybe a Refinery.

4) County will argue it needs additional tax revenues to meet the burden placed on County taxpayers by Indian Gaming and thus has a complete right to rezone and build up to meet these needs.

The Tribe will argue that these land uses are not in keeping with the bucolic and tranquil nature of the Santa Ynez Valley, and that a drag race track, motocross and refinery are a burden upon their right to quiet enjoyment of their land. Well then, this puts the moccasin on the other foot.. Welcome neighbor.

New Fish in an Old Lake

In partial response to Reg Henry’s and so many other liberal pieces on alleged conservative fantasy, ill feelings, beliefs and mimes like the President is a Marxist from Kenya, warm weather doesn’t indicate global warming, or that 360 million people in the USA is possibly enough.

Where to begin, what an idiot… Reg Henry with his servile smugness couched in quaint homilies seethes with home spun venom. And clearly the left follows this line of thought about conservatives and so I feel compelled to inform the left how conservatives really think and the word is to think.

In this pass I shall discuss immigration in terms that the liberal mind may follow. Consider the fish.

Say you’re a fish who lives in a lake, and for many generations your families of fishes have resided in the lake. We might even say you’re a native fish. Now another small group of bureaucrat fish in a nearby lake come along and announce they have decided there is a real need to import fish from another far away lake into your lake.

These far away fish are not like you and your fish. They were raised differently,have different fins and act differently than you and your family fish. But it has already been decided that for the good of a newly minted political slogan diversity, your lake will accept these fish without question or discussion.

Your group of native fishes get together and complain that these new fishes will cause problems for the lake and it’s indigenous population, and that the new fish will use up all resources, create overcrowding and pollution in the lake. Your group of fishes even questions the need for any more fish in the lake when things are already crowded enough, in your view.

You argue that these new fish come from regions that have already destroyed their own lakes with eternal raging wars, virulent religious and sport fishing tournaments, unsettled and intractable national characters and they will simply bring these problems with them to your peaceful and settled lake regions.

The response from the bureaucrat fish is not positive. By prearranged signal, you and your conservative fish are accused of fishism and of being fishists and fish firsters. The fish newspapers are strangely silent on the issue of preserving native fish culture… but go completely wild attacking conservative fish for wishing to be left alone and keep their peaceful steady lake as it is.

It turns out that another group unbeknownst to all, harvests fish from the lakes and owns the newspapers and all lake media and government. This harvesting group is behind the push to flood the lake with new, faster breeding, better tasting, easier to catch and more docile fish.

The bureaucrat fish are on the payroll of this behind the scenes harvesting group, and the bureaucrats now double down the importation of foreign fish. They start giving the new fish free passes at the best feeding areas and extra good rock sites to live at. Soon the native fish are at a disadvantage and begin fighting with the newly imported foreign fish. The lake is in turmoil as all fish are now fighting for territory, food and survival. Through out the lake, the fish movies, twitter, video and news accounts are filled with degrading depictions of native fishes and their imagined and self serving plight. Native fish are shown in countless disparaging scenes as unfriendly, selfish, greedy and uncaring while the newly imported fish are depicted as noble, caring, hardworking and worthy of all the lakes resources.

Soon the lake is at a fever pitch of tumult, division and acrimony. Few are noticing the great nets extracting huge numbers of fish for harvest. The lake is now producing more for the harvesting class than ever before. The harvesters do not care if they eat native or imported fish, as long as they eat. It’s now too late to prevent the destruction of the native lake culture because most fish, native and foreign, are just trying to survive.

So there you see, is a conservatives view of why we want to conserve our lake. Conservatives may be said to be conservative in views and wish to preserve and protect existing environs.

Liberals hopefully will recognize these themes of native rainbow trout verses foreign importation and  invasive species. Conservatives would apply this to our daily life and country where liberals insist only fish get protections. These concepts are easy to understand if you’re a fish happy in your own lake…


Thomas M. Cole JD  aka Mr Fish…

Teaching Islam in America’s Junior High Schools

Regarding the teaching of Islam in Santa Barbara’s Junior Highs; I protest the use of, History Alive, The Medieval World and Beyond, because the book flat out teaches Islam to Junior High students in a public school.

Parents, look at this book. It’s 400 pages long and covers a wide swath of history. But when it arrives Islam, the text goes wobbly, gushing over Mohammed and his religious life for seven pages, fawning over Islam for 55 pages. Quote such as this are through out the text, stated as fact. “The horse then guided Mohammed through the seven levels of heaven, and then Mohammed met God”, and “But Gabriel spoke to Mohammed and told him , You are the messenger of God.”

These are clearly statements of proposed fact. To make such statements to a captive audience of 7th and 8th graders is flat out forbidden by our constitution. That was decided so thoroughly in the 1950’s Scopes Trial. A public school may not teach creationism. Therefore, it follows, a public school may not teach Islam. Period, end of argument. But let me continue.

Now in this same text book, for instances, the word Jesus appears twice, and both times it’s in the Muslim sec- tion of the book; Jesuits appears once, Mohammed appears on over twenty pages. I’m not saying we should have exact parity among Prophets in a public text book, but twenty to one is clearly disproportionate.

Furthermore, the main argument I put forward here, is that Junior High is no place for a religious studies class. The class is titled, Social Studies and I propose the class time not be used to foster Islam. If I wanted a Madrasa for my children I would send them to one, or at least the male children, if they were Muslim.

Sarcasm aside, it is well established, that public schools are no place for religious indoctrination. It seems clear this book goes too far in appeasing some imagined lack of tolerance by school children. I suspect, the reality is, the authors sought to ingratiate their book with educators, by bending over backwards for Islam, and slanting history against America’s Western Judaeo/Christian values and mores. Is that what it takes to get published now days?

Whatever the reason, public schools must remain non religious, and I certainly would not have expected an Is- lamic studies class, to masquerade as Social Studies.

Everyone has the answer to ISIS and Immigration. Well I have questions. Lots of them.

Since America has 50 million people on food stamps and 90 million unemployed, why do we need any immigrants at all? Are the roads not crowded enough? Are rents not high enough? Are we not running short of water? Do we need to cram every square inch with people. Don’t they have their own countries.

And why import terrorists when the rest of us locals have to bend over to get on a flight?? Why do non taxpaying foreigners suddenly get a free pass to the USA at our expense?

And why do we import oil from these terrorist supporting Saudis when we have ten times their reserves right here in the USA?

Why is our long term friend and protector of Christians in the Middle East Bashar Assad suddenly the enemy? The enemy of who? The American people? The American Government? And why does our government suddenly support Muslim terrorists if they attack Assad? Something is very fishy here.

Author Thomas M Cole

Trump Not Compare With Hitler…

Aghast at News Press lowering it’s high standards. What happened to a civil tone? A flurry of articles run by the NP comparing Donald Trump, perhaps the finest example of an American success story, to Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Mao and even more disgraceful, John Edwards. That’s going too far. And today yet another from Reg Henry in the NP comparing the Donald to Mussolini this time. The left is running out of villains, and there’s no comparison.

If we were to highlight Obama’s church goings at Reverends Wrights white hate church, or point out Obama and Clinton (Hillary) are card carrying disciples of America hating leftist radical Saul Alinsky, can be certain the News Press wouldn’t print that because it’s not a civil tone, even though it’s true. Or is it only conservative views that are trashed here?

As for Donald Trump, he has solutions to America’s problems that resonate with can do Americans. Too many immigrants (30M Illegals) means close the border. Too many out of work (90M unemployed) means keep factories here, make better trade deals, tariff products dumped on the US and stop importing people!  Too much government interference with peoples lives means cut the government back, lower taxes and cut meaningless laws and regulations. Too much terrorism and wars means bomb the crap out of ISIS, win the war and maintain the peace.

These simple solutions are despised by leftists like Lee Rosenberg, and Reg Henry who believe only complex solutions from politicians, who have never accomplished anything in the real world, will help America. Plus Trump is not part of their cabal funded groupon, Clinton, Sanders, Biden… The Donald is not beholden to their masters on Wall Street.

The evidence is clear that political hacks can’t and won’t solve American problems, but the Rosenberg types want to play the Hitler card on Donald Trump, so predictable.

These leftist are determined to stay the course of high taxes, imploding debt, endless division and balkanization of the US people by playing on racist stereo types and demagoguing a non minority success story Donald Trump by any means. Even despicable means.

Author Thomas M. Cole

Attacking Trump- Same People Attacked Sarah Palin

Aghast at News Press lowering it’s high standards. What happened to civil tone?  Running an article that compares Donald Trump, perhaps the finest example of an American success story…to lets see, Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Mao and even more disgraceful, John Edwards.

That’s going too far. This kind of hysterical racist hyperbole depicts just how fearful the left is of middle America and the Trump message.

In comparison if I were to recount Obama’s church going 20 years at Reverends Wrights America-haiting church,(G-d**n America)  or point out both Obama and Hillary are card carrying Saul Alinsky disciples, an America hating marxist radical,  would they be greeted with full page runs in the media? Unlikely? But if you’re reading this then we have a breakthrough.

As for Donald Trump, he has solutions to America’s problems that resonate with can do Americans. Too many immigrants (30M Illegals) means close the border. Too many out of work (90M unemployed) means keep factories here, make better trade deals, tariff products dumped on the US and stop importing people!  Too much government interference with peoples lives means cut the government back, lower taxes and cut meaningless laws and regulations. Too much terrorism and wars means bomb the beJesus out of ISIS, win the war and maintain the peace. And how about no more inane  politicians making bad trade agreements and dumb nuke treaties with Iran? Your Fired. This is what America wants. Working America. America first not last.

These simple solutions are despised by people who make Hitler comparisons. They instead believe only complex sounding solutions from politicians, who have never solved anything in the real world, are the right ones for America. The evidence is clear that political hacks can’t and won’t help America. But in responce these hysterical types want to play the Hitler card on Donald Trump, so predictable. All to place that lying tramp Hillary in office so WallStreet can keep on raping America.

People with these hysterical and vitriol laden views are determined to stay the course of high taxes, high government, imploding debt, endless wars, racial/class division and balkanization of the US.  Their method is to foist racist stereo types and demagoguery upon conservative success stories like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Even these despicable means are considered in good taste by todays left, showing a real lack of civility.

Author Thomas M. Col

Why Reg Henry is a Big Fat Communist

So were out of water; Cold Springs is a dried up poodle, there’s been wild fires, are there tame fires? According to Reg Henry it’s the conservative capitalists that have caused all this dryness. This is nothing new. The Communist party invented ecology as a method to control and eliminate private enterprise way back in the 1920’s.  I’ve got a 1910 photo of the Brooks estate in Montecito before it was built on. Nothing but dirt, not one plant, not one tree,  just a dry dirt hillside that today, is now covered with native oaks, exotic trees, shrubs and roses, which get attacked by gophers too often. This was not caused by private enterprise, it was a dry spell.

And did you know, that for nature to create one inch of soil in our foothills takes five hundred major fires. To calculate- At one major fire every 30 years, and four feet of soil on our ancient, barren hillsides, that means 12”x 4’ x 500 fires= 18,000 major wild fires  x  30 year fire interval = 720,000 years to make our backyard garden area. Now I’m not saying it hasn’t been hot or dry, but in the scheme of things, a few hot years, or wet years remembering 1998 produced 51” of rain in Montecito… doesn’t prove a short term trend against the weight of time. These wet and dry years and not caused by capitalism, or communism but are variations in temperature. The communists wish to control all production (money and power), and so they have their private media drive the current climate hysteria.

As for this conclusive scientific consensus about Hot Springs warming. From Forbes, That Scientific Global Warming Consensus…Not!

by Larry Bell, a Professor of space architecture, Larry says

“…31,000 American scientists…from diverse climate-related disciplines, including more than 9,000 with Ph.D.s have signed a public petition…there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, will cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” Well that settles that. Not everyone is on board the dried up Hot Springs train.

Larry goes on to point out the canard that 98.7 of earth scientists agree to global warming as fact. He shows this allegation was manufactured from a jaundiced two minute email survey, that ultimately represented 75 scientists opinions, as a consensus.

Not that scientific I’d say, but relied upon by grant hungry government scientists as the definitive study. It’s a good factual article and if you believe that, don’t apply for any new grants.