Attacking Trump- Same People Attacked Sarah Palin

Aghast at News Press lowering it’s high standards. What happened to civil tone?  Running an article that compares Donald Trump, perhaps the finest example of an American success story…to lets see, Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Mao and even more disgraceful, John Edwards.

That’s going too far. This kind of hysterical racist hyperbole depicts just how fearful the left is of middle America and the Trump message.

In comparison if I were to recount Obama’s church going 20 years at Reverends Wrights America-haiting church,(G-d**n America)  or point out both Obama and Hillary are card carrying Saul Alinsky disciples, an America hating marxist radical,  would they be greeted with full page runs in the media? Unlikely? But if you’re reading this then we have a breakthrough.

As for Donald Trump, he has solutions to America’s problems that resonate with can do Americans. Too many immigrants (30M Illegals) means close the border. Too many out of work (90M unemployed) means keep factories here, make better trade deals, tariff products dumped on the US and stop importing people!  Too much government interference with peoples lives means cut the government back, lower taxes and cut meaningless laws and regulations. Too much terrorism and wars means bomb the beJesus out of ISIS, win the war and maintain the peace. And how about no more inane  politicians making bad trade agreements and dumb nuke treaties with Iran? Your Fired. This is what America wants. Working America. America first not last.

These simple solutions are despised by people who make Hitler comparisons. They instead believe only complex sounding solutions from politicians, who have never solved anything in the real world, are the right ones for America. The evidence is clear that political hacks can’t and won’t help America. But in responce these hysterical types want to play the Hitler card on Donald Trump, so predictable. All to place that lying tramp Hillary in office so WallStreet can keep on raping America.

People with these hysterical and vitriol laden views are determined to stay the course of high taxes, high government, imploding debt, endless wars, racial/class division and balkanization of the US.  Their method is to foist racist stereo types and demagoguery upon conservative success stories like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Even these despicable means are considered in good taste by todays left, showing a real lack of civility.

Author Thomas M. Col


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