Mexicans Taught To Beat Trump Piñata

Sept 10 2016

So there’s a Piñata of Donald Trump, GOP nominee for USA President. The Donald is under strict SS protection but his efigy is still getting whacked by American Latinos and the media who don’t like him. The image and giant hair is funny, but are there racial undercurrents in that piñata stick?

Sure some don’t like Trump, he wants to send illegals home and stop the 80% of heroin and meth that enters the US from the southern border.  64% of Americans who feel the same about the wall. Do the whackers in turn hate those people too?

So how about Obama pinatas… Say in 2012 there was a rash of Obama piñatas, that people of a certain race would buy, string up and beat to death with sticks? No doubt pure racism would be the charge from all sides of civil society. A crass and vile activity they would claim, especially for young children… And they would be totally correct. It would be awful for a host of American reasons.

But the double standard is in full display here. Aren’t we saying…Oh those ethnic-ee Latinos… ha ha.. it’s just part of their culture… . It’s nothing to worry about… Just beating  effigy candidates hanging from a rope… The fact that we may dismiss these actions brings up it’s own racism of low expectations.

This whackism is not part of our American culture. You really have to go back to the 1960’s to find this kind of racism.  Today most Americans do not kill in effigy their political opponents, nor direct the children to do this thing.  So… are some Latino people getting a free pass because they’re new to America?

More likely the pass is given because media is in pure leftist propaganda mode, and won’t say a word on this racism.  Media will probably encourage this piñata beating  because it means votes. The media is all about cultures expressing themselves, as long as they’re attacking the native culture. That is curious.

If a culture doesn’t know or care that efigy beating appears crass and third world, should we tell them?  Tell them the beatings send a message of violence and hate to young little nines, who are encouraged to beat a future president to death. Wow.

This nonchalant violence is one facet of this illegal invasion of America that Trumps fans worry about.  People foreign to our culture, angry at our country, arrogant in their actions, spreading hate to their offspring and voting for more illegal immigrants. Maybe that’s why it’s front page news…


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