ISIS VS Immigrants In America

ISIS VS Immigrants In America

Everyone has the answer to ISIS and Immigration. Well I have questions. Lots of them.

Since America has 50 million people on food stamps and 90 million unemployed, why do we need any immigrants at all? Are the roads not crowded enough? Are rents not high enough? Are we not running short of water? Do we need to cram every square inch with people. Don’t they have their own countries to live in and destroy with their achient primitive codes and beliefs? What hidden hand is forcing USA to import millions of third worlders into our nation.

And why import terrorists when the rest of us locals have to bend over to get on a flight?? Why do non taxpaying foreigners suddenly get a free pass to the USA at our expense? Why indeed. To answer these questions you have to ask- Who is benefitting from the dilution of Christian America- Who is benefitting from the destruction of America’s working class? Who gets votes from importing vast numbers of third world hoards? Well it’s not the conservatives that’s for sure.

And why do we import oil from these terrorist supporting Saudis when we have ten times their reserves right here in the USA? Could it be that an unseen hand is making sure the USA is dependent on foreign oil? Could it be that if we control our own energy production, there would be no need to fight mideast oil wars? Ah ha.. And who is benefitting from all these middle east wars? Well not America’s working classes that’s for sure, except maybe arms manufactuers. These wars benefit certain countries in the middle east which can’t be named… but costs USA dearly in blood and treasure. We’ve spent $6Trillion on these wars for what?

And why is our long term friend and protector of Christians in the Middle East Bashar Assad suddenly the enemy? These manufactured gas attacked are false flags…The enemy of who? The American people? The American Government? And why does our government suddenly support Muslim terrorists if they attack Assad?  And while were at it notice how Christian Russia is now part of our new enemies.. How is that every pro christian nation is now made to be our enemy?
And now notice how the dastardly Trump is suddenly a hero to all the neocons in DC and the media… the moment he starts bombing Muslims in Syria…
Something is very fishy here.

Brown Appoints Another Race Obsessed non-Judge to CA Supreme Ct

Brown Appoints Another Race

Obsessed non-Judge to CA

Supreme Ct

By Thomas M. Cole JD

Jerry Brown is taking a cue from our current commander in chief. Brown has now appointed his third non-judge radical to the California Supreme Court. Brown simply forgets the State constitution requires all appointees to have been a judge for ten years in California.

Brown appoints Leondra Kruger-Racialist

Instead Moonbeam Jerry has appointed Leondra R. Kruger this month… her qualifications? Well, she has never served as a judge for a start.

Even super liberal Supreme Ct Justice Kagan was ‘amazed’ at Leondra Kruger’s line of attack on religious freedom.

….One exchange between Kagan and Leondra Kruger, a DOJ lawyer, in which Kagan asked, “Do you believe, Ms. Kruger, that a church has a right that’s grounded in the Free Exercise Clause and/or the Establishment Clause to institutional autonomy with respect to its employees?”

“We don’t see that line of church autonomy principles in the Religious Clause jurisprudence as such,” Kruger said.

…The real goal of racialism is simply using a mob majority to vote redistribution from the owners.

America’s success cannot be legislated to a new welfarism border hopping majority….

Never served as an attorney or Judge in California.
At Harvard Leondra Kruger obsessed with race,
multiculturalism, cultural genocide, racial activism…
writing hundreds of editorial pieces on these topics. Even extolling the Communist led SDS riots at Columbia 1968 and 1973, led by her later boss, Eric Holder at DOJ. (You can’t make this up.)

Never once served as a Judge, anywhere.
Worked primarily for Eric Holder as DOJ attorney advocating against Religious freedoms.

Brown Appoints Another Race Obsessed non-Judge to CA Supreme Ct C2014

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So for the race obsessed atheists out there I guess Leondra Kruger would be a great choice for CSC Judge. But is this really what California needs right now, or ever? The nation is seeing the racial turmoil being wrought by the presidents unhinged racialism. Now Jerry Brown seeks to ramp up the same in CA. Its like he knows…

Brown appoints Tino Cuéllar – La Rasa Internationalist

Browns previous appointment in 2013 was internationalist CFR member Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, or as he is known Tino Cuéllar . From Governor Browns web page we learn;

“Tino Cuéllar was born in Matamoros, Mexico and for a number of years walked across the border each day to attend school in neighboring Brownsville, Texas.”

So you see Tino Cuéllar is not actually a citizen of the USA. As an illegal alien I guess Tino Cuellar will bring a unique understanding of our laws. An understanding, that you need to break them to get ahead. A list of Tino Cuéllar qualifications shows the usual hard left, progressive/Marxist tinged racialist radical non citizen La Rasa member CFR member and UN Internationalist credentials;

• BorninMexico,jumpedthebordertogainaccesstoUSAeducation. • Never been a judge
• Not a US citizen.
• Secrete La Rasa member.

• Secrete Counsel On Foreign Relations member.
• Obama-Bidden transition team member
• Obama’s special assistant on Immigration and border policy

You see Tino Cuéllar is a La Rasa special lawyer member and La Rasa’s number one goal stated on their websites is the return of US western states to Mexico… We can assume La Rasa member Tino Cuéllar feels the same way? And what better reason for Jerry Brown to put this lawbreaker in charge of California’s highest court. Is this record a good qualification for a judge in California’s highest court? There is talk that this is actually a launch pad for both these radical lawyers into position to be selected by the

Brown Appoints Another Race Obsessed non-Judge to CA Supreme Ct C2014

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president for the US Supreme Court. They all have the same MO as Mr Obama…lawyers with no record, no
experience and a UN style radical leftist

Apparently Jerry Brown thinks an illegal immigrant should be lifted up to
California’s highest court. Will Tino Cuéllar provide hope that someday, all of
Mexico and Guatemala will be finally freed from evil American bondage.
Bondage keeping them from achieving the American dream. The dream of being an illegal Supreme Court Judge?

We are seeing a trend here. Jerry brown nominating racial activists to the Supreme court of CA so they can be launched into the US Supreme Court. A leftist lunatic Governor appointing racialist lawyer radicals, without any judicial experience to high court judgeships with no popular vote, no experience… No judicial record… a Governor obsessed with his own legacy at the expense of US and California sovereignty.

Brown is promoting these lawyers because they are adherents to the Communist party line of racial turmoil, hating the old USA, hating nationalism and our national borders… promoting racial compensation trumped up from imagined and real past discrimination/nationalism… pushing division, class warfare, racial warfare and redistribution. All of this they devote their lives to in exchange for welfarism voting blocks.

Note: Officially coining the term Welfarism….

Speaking of borders…Note that open borders international banking criminal (wanted in France) George Soros, is also a big supporter of La Rasa. How interesting that Soros wants USA open borders, and Tino Cuellar crossed our southern border illegally and is now a CA Supreme Court judge. A judge who will be deciding California immigration cases and may soon be appointed to the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) Could it be leftist moonbeam-Jerry is packing the court to insure a flood of malleable new welfarism voters from south of the border?

Also since Tino Cuéllar is a secret CFR member, he’s part of an international group that clandestinely adjusts and creates USA opinion to a more international stance, one where international and United Nations law take precedence over US law, and US sovereignty. The CFR uses it’s

It’s just not fair… and now these Brown appointed international, multicultural racialists are going to settle the score. They will legislate the ultimate affirmative action, and force evil America to give all to those who were denied everything.

Brown Appoints Another Race Obsessed non-Judge to CA Supreme Ct C2014

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powerful members in media, legislative, judiciary (of which Tino is a member) and banking to weaken and destroy US sovereignty. Having Tino Cuéllar in the CFR and now a Supreme Court Justice in CA makes sense… since he jumped the US border to become a resident alien, and now appointed by lunatic leftist America hater Jerry Brown, to open the flood gates to all the world because… well because.

Racialists View America as Plantation- Demand Reparations

Leftist make-believe the world deserves to have an America for their very own, because it’s unfair that America was so successful while the rest of the worlds were not. People from these failed countries were dictator led, unproductive, self defeating, leftist inspired desolation models, deserve a new beginning. Now these Brown appointed international elite multicultural racialists are going to settle the score. They will legislate the ultimate affirmative action, forcing evil America to give all to those who were denied everything.

But the very notion these racialists operate under, is blatantly racist. They assume that when they gain a majority in population, they will then have the world of American success in their hands. This thinking springs from racialists mistaken notion that America is as racist as La Rasa members are.

These racialists believe when their populations can out vote native US populations they can achieve their own new liberal approved versions of race discrimination, creating one giant affirmative action across all the States, across the nation. Then there will be equality… Pure Marx

Such thinking is utter insanity of course. The cure for ancient discrimination is not new government forced discrimination (affirmative action)… But this notion results from generations of FRD Nanny Statism… combined with a fifth column subversion of academia government and media.

Verily I say…. The communists don’t care if a nation is ruined with racial/ class division, debt, taxation, eternal wars and university grads without knowledge… This is the underlying goal of communism, not equality of the masses.

There’s always a class on top of these communist based race/class divisions. That class is now formed and it fills government to the brim. It’s being filled with Moonbeam Jerry’s kids… All full of marxist notions of putting it to the man. Their ultimate goal is coming into view… as the

Brown Appoints Another Race Obsessed non-Judge to CA Supreme Ct C2014

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financialists on WallStreet and their masters, prime the motor of progressivism. The financial and political elite are aware, that as long as government workers get a paycheck and
pension… as long as WallStreet bankers
can print money to ‘pay’ the debt
incurred by foolish progressive
government… and as long as the
producers in America can be forced to
pay taxes to fund the whole mess, it will

But we are watching. Watching as America plummets along the Wilson- FDR-Johnson-Cliton-Obama debt-go- round… We should all be wondering if enough young people can be re- educated in time, to see history before it overtakes them.

America’s success cannot be legislated
to a new welfarism border hopping
majority. The real power of racialism is
simply; using mob majority to vote
redistribution from the producers. As
more producers leave the country,
wealth, income and death taxes will surely be pegged higher to cover the new welfarism receivers. This Jerry Brown well knows.

Brown Appoints Another Race Obsessed non-Judge to CA Supreme Ct C2014