ISIS VS Immigrants In America

ISIS VS Immigrants In America

Everyone has the answer to ISIS and Immigration. Well I have questions. Lots of them.

Since America has 50 million people on food stamps and 90 million unemployed, why do we need any immigrants at all? Are the roads not crowded enough? Are rents not high enough? Are we not running short of water? Do we need to cram every square inch with people. Don’t they have their own countries to live in and destroy with their achient primitive codes and beliefs? What hidden hand is forcing USA to import millions of third worlders into our nation.

And why import terrorists when the rest of us locals have to bend over to get on a flight?? Why do non taxpaying foreigners suddenly get a free pass to the USA at our expense? Why indeed. To answer these questions you have to ask- Who is benefitting from the dilution of Christian America- Who is benefitting from the destruction of America’s working class? Who gets votes from importing vast numbers of third world hoards? Well it’s not the conservatives that’s for sure.

And why do we import oil from these terrorist supporting Saudis when we have ten times their reserves right here in the USA? Could it be that an unseen hand is making sure the USA is dependent on foreign oil? Could it be that if we control our own energy production, there would be no need to fight mideast oil wars? Ah ha.. And who is benefitting from all these middle east wars? Well not America’s working classes that’s for sure, except maybe arms manufactuers. These wars benefit certain countries in the middle east which can’t be named… but costs USA dearly in blood and treasure. We’ve spent $6Trillion on these wars for what?

And why is our long term friend and protector of Christians in the Middle East Bashar Assad suddenly the enemy? These manufactured gas attacked are false flags…The enemy of who? The American people? The American Government? And why does our government suddenly support Muslim terrorists if they attack Assad?  And while were at it notice how Christian Russia is now part of our new enemies.. How is that every pro christian nation is now made to be our enemy?
And now notice how the dastardly Trump is suddenly a hero to all the neocons in DC and the media… the moment he starts bombing Muslims in Syria…
Something is very fishy here.

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