Thomas M. Cole JD

Top of Barcelona Hotel Thomas M. Cole JD is a LosAngeles businessman, Constitutional scholar and author. His new book  200 Years of Central Banks is climbing up the charts as a patriot special bible.. The book outlines the sinister plot of Marxist inspired central bank and the bankers who own them. Their plot is simply to take over the USA money supply, which they have done, and then to destroy our American way of life, culture and people. The US Constitution stands in the way.

The Left is funded by these banking titans which have a monopoly control over money in the USA. They fund the left as a political arm of Marxism, all along intending to make money off the backs of all Americans, using Marxism as a tool and never intending any shared power with the masses that vote leftists into office…  As The Who said…  “Meet the new boss,,, same as the old boss”


Since 1913 these moneylenders have been at work on the USA. Like termites they only destroy and add nothing.  They must be eliminated..fumigate, spray, gas.. whatever it takes. Our very existence as a nations at stake.  If America is gone, where will the worlds masses turn to for help?  Russia, China, African nations?? Hardly. there will be a dark age lasting many centuries… without America, the hated America.


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