Rules for Rebelion

Rules for Rebellion

1)Corporate media will reflect views approved and
created by the dominant financial power.

2)Corporate media will always heighten racial
animosity because perceived racial inequality
creates more democrat voters.

3)Community organizers work to create and
foster grievances in the minds of voting

4)Socialism seeks to create and coalesce
persecuted minorities into voting blocks which
place into office debt and redistribution
creating officials.

Thomas M. Cole JD C2014 Rules for Rebellion

5)Financialism funds community discontent to
create voting blocks that counter conservative

6)Financialism must overcome conservative
majorities to create more debt, taxation and

7)Financialism will use it’s monetary clout to
destroy Christian-conservatives through
legislation, targeted prosecution, media
firestorms, false narrative campaigns, negative
Hollywood movies, SNL/Tonight Show
monologues and IRS attacks.

8)Corporate media will always heighten racial
tensions to further the left.

Thomas M. Cole JD C2014 Rules for Rebellion

9)Heightened racial tensions aid the left as those
perceived disenfranchised minorities can be
played against a demonized white christian
conservative majority.

10)Floods of immigrants are not a problem for
progressives because their jobs in government
exclude illegals.

11)Corporate Media will always foster and
support policies that create debt, because their
owners print money.

12)The war on women will never apply to stay at
home immigrants.

13)Nonprofits will always eke out a paycheck.

14)Treasury, being under the executive branch
will always be available to target opposition.

15)Mideast wars will always be necessary to
defend our friends and allies.

Thomas M. Cole JD C2014
Rules for Rebellion

16)Saudi princes need US help in fighting ISIS
because they cant afford their own civil war.

17)Mideast wars will continue despite US
independence from Saudi oil because.. see #14.

18)Mideast wars will continue till the end of time.

19)The New York Times assures us we are
barbarians to fight mideast wars unfairly, but is
shocked to see their reporters butchered.

20)Progressives who swear Bush fought war for
oil, now work to stop US oil production.

21)All political parties will be required to
continue mideast wars forever… to keep our
warrior class occupied and out of the country.

22)Community organizer presidents will continue
fostering discontent and stirring animosity to
their last breath.

23)GOP will nominate candidates bound to loose
so to avoid governing.

Thomas M. Cole JD C2014
Rules for Rebellion

24)GOP will nominate loosing candidates until a
new Ronald Reagan takes the sword… (and
because they are stupid).
Thomas M.