Liberal Religions Coming Home To Roost

Liberal Religion Comes Home To Roost

So much of liberal thought has now become a religion. Global warming, abortion and immigrant rights are the new trinity and god help the patriot who crosses this line. It’s blasphemy to question these liberal religious doctrines.

As an example, what happened to the old liberal mantra of shrinking your carbon footprint. This was to imply that us wasteful Americans use to much carbon. But the real reason has nothing to do with carbon and more to do with Liberal religious propaganda.

The new religious litany says; since carbon use causes global warming, and warming will kill the polar bears and destroy the planet, we must cut back. And America listened. We listened so well that many American women got the message we’ve been living too high on the hog, and it hasn’t been fair to the worlds peoples, and they are mad at us, because they don’t have it so good. And so white women simply stopped having babies, all in the name of the new religion of the left. Hail the global warming god….

Because of liberal propaganda to make America guilty of eco-sin, we have a dearth of children… but this will be good because now we can stop using so much carbon. But lo and behold what the libs have wrought. Instead of Americas population shrinking, it’s governments, schools and prisons shrinking, the opposite happened. Things in America are more crowded than ever. Well surprise surprise.

Turns out the government made sure this fine act of religious piety, the giving up of procreation for the liberal carbon god, has been countered by government which turned around and flooded the country with indigenous Indians from Mexico. It also turns out that drug importing Mexico, extreme racist, drug pushing, cartel ruled, Spain centric Mexico sent their unwanted indigenous peoples to America, and most of them were pregnant. Mexico has government programs telling how to leave and how to play the USA for room and board. Naturally the liberal religion of immigration says we must foster and welcome all immigrants with no discernment and no questions.

So now Santa Barbara, and American jails, schools, housing and DMV’s are filled to the gills with little indians from Mexico. Our carbon footprint is bigger than ever! While teachers, prison guards, police, courts and welfare workers are again fully employed keeping the single family indians in and out of the jail, court and welfare systems. Housing is again in short supply, taxes on the wealthy and middle class are going up again to ever more confiscatory levels. Whole neighborhoods are now indian nations with the state providing all services on the taxpayers bill. Government spends nearly $170 million per year on housing subsidies (5000 units), Jails, court services, education and welfare for our new friends.

Really it’s a wonder government couldn’t find any Americans that wanted to live in Santa Barbara. There must be a few Americans somewhere in the country that would appreciate a new place to live with full benefits. What about American Indians, shouldn’t they have a place here in Santa Barbara?

Now you Liberals, do we have to believe your insane religious theories? Aren’t your theories really just diabolical ways of growing government, overwhelming native classes and gathering new placid democrat voters into America? Or do you actually believe your own religious doctrines? The reason liberals tell Americans not to have children is to save the environment, or is it really so the government can import children from poor countries to create new dependents and new socio/political classes? Which one is it? We will know when social workers are in the streets handing out birth control sacraments to immigrants, yet somehow that never happens as it would be deemed genocide.

You see religion hasn’t gone away, even for liberals. In fact American liberals are more consumed by their religion than sword wielding Shia fanatics on camels. In modern times, religion has become politics and liberals are Henry the 8th… insisting we swear allegiance to their insane religions, and then die off. This is the truth and the way… Next we’ll be told unemployment is 5%.

Thomas M. Cole JD

New Fish in an Old Lake

In partial response to Reg Henry’s and so many other liberal pieces on alleged conservative fantasy, ill feelings, beliefs and mimes like the President is a Marxist from Kenya, warm weather doesn’t indicate global warming, or that 360 million people in the USA is possibly enough.

Where to begin, what an idiot… Reg Henry with his servile smugness couched in quaint homilies seethes with home spun venom. And clearly the left follows this line of thought about conservatives and so I feel compelled to inform the left what conservatives really think, and the word is to think.

In this pass I shall discuss immigration in terms that the liberal mind may follow. Consider the fish.

Say you’re a fish who lives in a lake, and for many generations your families of fishes have resided in the lake. We might even say you’re a native fish. Now another small group of bureaucrat fish in a nearby lake come along and announce they have decided there is a real need to import fish from another far away lake into your lake.

These far away fish are not like you and your fish. They were raised differently, look and act differently than you and your family fish. But it has already been decided that for the good of a newly minted political slogan diversity, your lake will accept these fish without question or discussion.

Your group of native fishes get together and complain that these new fishes will cause problems for the lake and it’s indigenous population, and that the new fish will use up all resources, create overcrowding and pollution in the lake. Your group of fishes even questions the need for any more fish in the lake when things are already crowded enough, in your view.

You argue that these new fish come from regions that have already destroyed their own lakes with eternal raging wars, virulent religious and sport fishing tournaments, unsettled and intractable national characters and they will simply bring these problems with them to your peaceful and settled lake regions.

The response from the bureaucrat fish is not positive. By prearranged signal, you and your conservative fish are accused of fishism and of being fishists and fish firsters. The fish newspapers are strangely silent on the issue of preserving native fish culture… but completely attack the conservative fish that wish to be left alone and keep their peaceful steady lake as it is.

It turns out that another group unbeknownst to all, harvests fish from the lakes and owns the newspapers and all lake media and government. This harvesting group is behind the push to flood the lake with new, faster breeding, better tasting, easier to catch and more docile fish.

The bureaucrat fish are on the payroll of this behind the scenes harvesting group, and the bureaucrats now double down the importation of foreign fish. They start giving the new fish free passes at the best feeding areas and extra good rock sites to live at. Soon the native fish are at a disadvantage and begin fighting with the newly imported foreign fish. The lake is in turmoil as all fish are now fighting for territory, food and survival. Through out the lake, the fish movies, twitter, video and news accounts are filled with degrading depictions of native fishes and their imagined and self serving plight. Native fish are shown in countless disparaging scenes as unfriendly, selfish, greedy and uncaring while the newly imported fish are depicted as noble, caring, hardworking and worthy of all the lakes resources.

Soon the lake is at a fever pitch and few are noticing the great nets extracting huge numbers of fish for harvest. The lake is now producing more for the harvesting class than ever before. The harvesters do not care if they eat native or imported fish, as long as they eat.

So there you see, is the conservatives view of why we want to conserve our lake. Conservatives may be said to be conservative in views and wish to preserve and protect existing environs.

Liberals hopefully will recognize these themes of native rainbow trout verses foreign importation and  invasive species. These concepts are easy to understand if you’re a fish happy in your own lake…


Thomas M. Cole JD  aka Mr Fish…

Rules for Rebelion

Rules for Rebellion

1)Corporate media will reflect views approved and
created by the dominant financial power.

2)Corporate media will always heighten racial
animosity because perceived racial inequality
creates more democrat voters.

3)Community organizers work to create and
foster grievances in the minds of voting

4)Socialism seeks to create and coalesce
persecuted minorities into voting blocks which
place into office debt and redistribution
creating officials.

Thomas M. Cole JD C2014 Rules for Rebellion

5)Financialism funds community discontent to
create voting blocks that counter conservative

6)Financialism must overcome conservative
majorities to create more debt, taxation and

7)Financialism will use it’s monetary clout to
destroy Christian-conservatives through
legislation, targeted prosecution, media
firestorms, false narrative campaigns, negative
Hollywood movies, SNL/Tonight Show
monologues and IRS attacks.

8)Corporate media will always heighten racial
tensions to further the left.

Thomas M. Cole JD C2014 Rules for Rebellion

9)Heightened racial tensions aid the left as those
perceived disenfranchised minorities can be
played against a demonized white christian
conservative majority.

10)Floods of immigrants are not a problem for
progressives because their jobs in government
exclude illegals.

11)Corporate Media will always foster and
support policies that create debt, because their
owners print money.

12)The war on women will never apply to stay at
home immigrants.

13)Nonprofits will always eke out a paycheck.

14)Treasury, being under the executive branch
will always be available to target opposition.

15)Mideast wars will always be necessary to
defend our friends and allies.

Thomas M. Cole JD C2014
Rules for Rebellion

16)Saudi princes need US help in fighting ISIS
because they cant afford their own civil war.

17)Mideast wars will continue despite US
independence from Saudi oil because.. see #14.

18)Mideast wars will continue till the end of time.

19)The New York Times assures us we are
barbarians to fight mideast wars unfairly, but is
shocked to see their reporters butchered.

20)Progressives who swear Bush fought war for
oil, now work to stop US oil production.

21)All political parties will be required to
continue mideast wars forever… to keep our
warrior class occupied and out of the country.

22)Community organizer presidents will continue
fostering discontent and stirring animosity to
their last breath.

23)GOP will nominate candidates bound to loose
so to avoid governing.

Thomas M. Cole JD C2014
Rules for Rebellion

24)GOP will nominate loosing candidates until a
new Ronald Reagan takes the sword… (and
because they are stupid).
Thomas M.

Do High European Tax Rates Create Low Capital Formation and Spawn High Borrowing Rates?

DSC00139Do High European Tax Rates Create Low Capital Formation and Spawn High Borrowing Rates?

Finland and Government Payments?  by Thomas M. Cole JD

As our tour guide explained, in Finland no one has to worry about school, books or pencils until collage.  The government here covers all education expenses from age one and a half where child care kicks in, to collage and beyond if you’ve got the ability to go that far.

Healthcare was the same story. All is covered except dental for people of the older generation, which is not covered so well.  Pensions also cover high earners at a e1500 Euro/month and less for low earners at e750/month after 58 years.  They are moving the retirement age up to 68 soon, however.

Also exciting for Finlanders is the paid maternity leave of a year and a half for mom and six weeks for dad. Also there is the child credit of E500 a month for each child till age of majority. Parents may collect on multiple children.  Can we Americans recognize this same trend at home? Many in the USA call it runaway welfare with multiple babies creating enhanced income from the state.

Borders and Public Policy

Surly Finland has a secure border so these extravagant state giveaways are not overwhelmed with foreign interlopers. Think again. As our Art PHD historian guide explained,

We Finlanders are very lazy in the baby department, only creating 1.5 babies per family. So the government is immigrating people from Somali and Russia to keep our population stable. We will see how this works out…”

Even the state of Finland now has a policy to maintain population with no thought to national and cultural unity. Why would this be? To what advantage is a stable population and to whom does this advantage accrue?

The Euro and Frankfurt Control 

Touring across the Finish country our guide was extolling the benefits and virtues of the socialism. Finland is now part of the Euro system. They gave up their Finnish Mark several years ago with much debate and disagreement. Now Finland looks to the European Central Bank ECB in Frankfurt Germany to set their monetary policy. Accordingly ECB monetary  policy is set by The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basil. Smaller EU nations tend to give away sovereignty in exchange for promises of better trade agreements, alleged pacts of protection within NATO and promises of better economic conditions.

The results are far from conclusive as Finland struggles with 20% unemployment and young people leave the country for greener pastures. As our guide explained,

“We Finns are very lazy with the baby’s only making 1.2 baby’s per marriage.”

So to compensate, Finland is importing new citizens primarily from Lithuania, Poland and Somalia. The state is worried that a dwindling population will cut into Finland’s ability to pay pension bonds and other aging population debts taken on by the state. Keeping in mind that since adopting the Euro, the state has no ability to print it’s own money, and now must go to the ECB in Frankfurt to borrow.

Once we understand the power of the Euro and ECB over Finland and other EU countries, Finland’s curious immigration policy becomes more clear.

Finland’s nanny state monetary and population growth policy are more an accommodation of EU/Frankfurt/ECB than a policy to benefit Finland, and here’s why.

First as the Finland State takes cash from citizens, they have less to save and invest. Finland takes 30%-60% income tax and a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 25%  a whopping 85% top rate. Add in corporate tax rates and we see Europe’s top taxing hot spot. But everything is paid for now by the government. Or at least everything that Basil and the UCB wants paid for.

Here’s the rub, the catch, the clincher, to this everything you want is free system.

As capital is drained off from the citizens in the form of high taxes, there is no capital left for investment. The Nanny State puts an end to capital formation. Free economies require capital formation. Nanny-State high tax rates preclude the formation of capital and force citizens into becoming debtors for major purchases such as cars and houses.

This condition of being cash poor is ever so convenient for the UCB, the bankers for the Euro Zone and it’s shareholders in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Now every Finland home or car buyer must come to them, hat in hand asking for a loan.

Keeping in mind the Euro was a dream put into motion by Henry Kissinger and other one world banking types who formed the Bilderberg Group in 1954 for for the stated purpose of creating a one Europe currency. It took this long for the reality to be created across Europe. This is all pointed out in clear documentation from my book 200 Years of Central Banks…

And so now under the guise of helping Europe, the ECB is now dictating national birth and immigration policies in Finland and all the other EU countries. Not for their own good, not for the good of Europe or the world, but for the good of a handful of international bankers.To make sure these EU countries can successfully pay their bond debts.  Making all of Europe as one, dependent on Frankfurt ECB and Basil BIS for financing. Keeping in mind the Euro was the design and goal of the Bilderberg group, Founded in 1954, founding member Henry Kissinger.

As outlined in 200 Years of Central Banks, by this author, the usual goal of one money/one world schemes is to concentrate monetary control in one group, and spread debt load to the joining nations. These joining nations are lured in with the usual promises of cheap money, better economies and some fanciful promise of military protection. The result is joining nations end up with monstrous debt loads, higher prices, a diluted population, lower wages and greatly diminished sovereignty.

This is the result of giving up national sovereignty for alleged economic and security benefits. A nation looses it’s boundaries while it’s borders are now internationally controlled. It’s birth rates and population are controlled and augmented to insure bond pay back to the international bankers, while national identity is erased by influxes of foreigners further disemploying locals and dropping the pay scale.

All this leads to further borrowing and indebtedness by citizens, whose national assemblies are more aliened with Frankfurt as a collection agency, than that of representatives of a sovereign nation.

America is now in the same stages of enforced debt, porous borders, rising taxes and devaluing currency. Our immigration polices are set by foreign bankers. Our tax rates set by foreign bankers. Our Central Bank the Fe dReserve is run by a foreign banker, Stanley ‘Fisher, Israeli citizen, appointed by our impostor in chief Barry Soetoro Obumma. Throughout the western world, Christian freedoms are under attack as Marxism rides the high tide of financialism, hiding behind the worlds central banks.

by  Thomas M. Cole JD